Friday, February 15, 2013

Blog #3

This Blog is in the form of Twitter 
Montano @ governor of Cyprus
Watching a Storm with some people 

Cassio @othelloslieutenant

Just watched the turks lose most of their fleet in the tempest

Desdemona @othellosgirl

Just teasing Emilia @iagosgirl about being a chatterbox

Cassio @othelloslieutenant retweeted

Desdemona @othellosgirl
Just teasing @emiliaiagosgirl about being a chatterbox

Iago @othellosensign
i am Honest Iago 

Desdemona @ Othellosgirl

My lords Ship is Still Missing

Othello @generalothello

just arrived and am about to greet my wife
#safetrip #Didntdie

Iago @othellosensign

Just telling rodrigo desdemona will soon grow tiered of othello and will want a more handsome and well mannered man 

Iago @othellosensign

My Plan Is working going to get cassio @othelloslieutenant  in trouble
#startafight #party

Rodrigo @ jealous suitor of Desdemona

going to get cassio  @othelloslieutenant to fight me because Iago @othellosensign told me to 

Cassio @othelloslieutenant 

I am going to beat Rodrigo @ jealous suitor of Desdemona

Montano @ governor of Cyprus
i was just stabbed

Cassio  @othelloslieutenant 
Just stabbed Montano 
#ohcrap #notgood

Othello @generalothello

These idiots forgetting what happened 

Iago @othellosensign

Gonna Tell Othello What happened 

Desdemona @Othellosgirl

Have just been awoken by lots of commotion outside

Rodrigo @ jealous suitor of Desdemona

I have just been beaten and my money is gone @othellosensign

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