Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blog #2

    Othello and Desdemona are in love with eachother for different reasons but that doesnt matter as long as they love eachother right? If you are in a relationship with someone one for one reseon but they are in it for another i believe that its okay if the resons are not that much different. One person could be in friendship because they have been friends forever and they are the bestest friends on earth and dont know what they would do without that person. The other person could be in the friendship because they dont have any other friends and arent good st msking new friends. overall people do not have to be in relationships for the same reasons

     Do You feel it important that your family and friends approve your relationships? i feel like i would want my friends and family to approve because if they did then everybody would get along better. If they didnt like my relationship with someone then they wouldnt be as nice to that person because they dont like them. if the friendship you ahve with a person your family doesnt like then you wont hangout with that person as much and you might end up losing that friend. No matter what its a lot better when you are in relationships that your friends and family approve of.