Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Blog #4

Made Up Disorders

Kaitlin Disorder 
you are the best at school and softball
You talk about it all the time.

Brittany Spears Disorder 
you go crazy and do random thing every few years
(Like shave your head when drunk)
you used to be very popular.

One Direction Infection
you are obsessed with this band because they are all weird and crazy
but awesome at the same time and they have British Accents.

Taylor Swift Disorder 
the need  to write about every boyfriend you've ever had
and share the stories, poems, or song with everyone.

Lady Gaga Disorder
This Disorder causes you to dress up so weird
that some people are scarred of your outfits.

Santa Disorder 
the need to lie to children about who Santa is
and when they sit on some random guys lap asking for toys
 he promises them they will get them then they don't get them.

Peeta Disorder
Baking bread and burning it but when you go to throw it to pigs 
you throw it in the mud at a starving poor girl you LOVE
(YOU THROW IT IN THE MUD didn't even walk over to give it to her)

Cinna Disorder
very good at designing clothes and you die
supporting what you thought was right

Ross Disorder (ross from show friends)
marring people then getting divorced
all the time

Lindsey lohan disorder
doing so many drugs that you look tens times older
and you go crazy and you are disliked by many people

Friday, February 15, 2013

Blog #3

This Blog is in the form of Twitter 
Montano @ governor of Cyprus
Watching a Storm with some people 

Cassio @othelloslieutenant

Just watched the turks lose most of their fleet in the tempest

Desdemona @othellosgirl

Just teasing Emilia @iagosgirl about being a chatterbox

Cassio @othelloslieutenant retweeted

Desdemona @othellosgirl
Just teasing @emiliaiagosgirl about being a chatterbox

Iago @othellosensign
i am Honest Iago 

Desdemona @ Othellosgirl

My lords Ship is Still Missing

Othello @generalothello

just arrived and am about to greet my wife
#safetrip #Didntdie

Iago @othellosensign

Just telling rodrigo desdemona will soon grow tiered of othello and will want a more handsome and well mannered man 

Iago @othellosensign

My Plan Is working going to get cassio @othelloslieutenant  in trouble
#startafight #party

Rodrigo @ jealous suitor of Desdemona

going to get cassio  @othelloslieutenant to fight me because Iago @othellosensign told me to 

Cassio @othelloslieutenant 

I am going to beat Rodrigo @ jealous suitor of Desdemona

Montano @ governor of Cyprus
i was just stabbed

Cassio  @othelloslieutenant 
Just stabbed Montano 
#ohcrap #notgood

Othello @generalothello

These idiots forgetting what happened 

Iago @othellosensign

Gonna Tell Othello What happened 

Desdemona @Othellosgirl

Have just been awoken by lots of commotion outside

Rodrigo @ jealous suitor of Desdemona

I have just been beaten and my money is gone @othellosensign

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blog #1

I agree with the speech because as you get older you loose the opportunities you had once had. As you grow up you mature more and play different parts in your lifetime. like in the speech you start out as and infant than to the whining school kid and it goes from there. its true that you start out as and infant but you may not be a whining school kid you could go straight to the lover.